Members Present: Shari Shuman, Pierre Allaire, Tom Serwatka, Len Roberson, Sitou Byll-Cataria

Space Committee Meeting
April 13, 2011
Members Present:
Shari Shuman, Pierre Allaire, Tom Serwatka, Len Roberson,
Sitou Byll-Cataria
Support Staff Present: Everett Malcolm, Lance Taylor, Deb Kaye, Dan Endicott, John Hale,
Zak Ovadia, Elizabeth Jones
Project Timelines
JJ Daniel Hall (Building 1)
- Renovations to the President’s Suite are almost complete with only curtains and hook-ups
to be completed.
Student Wellness and Sports Education
- Discussions are ongoing regarding the budget and the gap is closing.
- Improved relations between CPDC and the construction management team are in process.
Science and Humanities Building
- This project is progressing on schedule and within budget.
- The building should be ready for classes to be scheduled in summer 2012.
Education Building: DRC, OCT, Veterans Services and Leadership Institute Offices
- This addition is progressing on schedule with occupancy planned for October 2011.
Science & Engineering Remedial Work
- The work is progressing well. Brick is currently going up on the 2nd story west façade.
Building 9 – 2nd Floor – History
- The work has been completed. The Fire Marshal has conducted the final inspection.
Furniture is due in 4 weeks. The History Department is free to move in once the furniture
is installed.
Art & Design Building Program
- A location needs to be identified keeping in mind accessibility and visibility.
- The project is on hold for funding.
Dining Facility
- Currently in the design development phase. Occupants on the third and fourth floors
have not been decided.
- Demolition is planned for the first week in May.
- Bids for demolition and site utilities will go out within the week.
- Completion is scheduled for August 2012.
Expansion of Golfplex to Accommodate Women’s Locker/Lounge Area
Tom Serwatka will schedule a meeting regarding needs for lab space and space for the
women’s golf team.
Programming for Buildings 3, 4 and 50
- CPDC has met with the COAS and CCEC to determine their needs.
- The consultant is working on a short range plan to move in as is and make changes as
funding is available and a long range plan to renovate.
- The estimated construction cost is now $6.2M for the new site.
Art Work – Murals
- A tiled mural will be installed across from the Outtakes Store, on the outside wall of
building 8. Two other murals will also be placed on campus in other locations.
Bat House
- In hopes of keeping bats out of the residence halls, a bat house will be built on the strip of
land between the two lakes near the Villages.
Restroom for North Recreation Fields
- Site work has started. The modular building should arrive next week.
- The project should be completed in August.