Philanthropic proposal

Ranya Hasan
BA 2196 Section 12: Professor Cirillo
Writing Assignment: Philanthropic Proposal
Housing and Urban Rental Company (HURC) is one of top rental companies in the Philadelphia Area.
HURC is an organization that buys housing prosperities in and around the Philadelphia area, restores
them, and rents the restored apartments and houses to people that value urban living at a reasonable
price. HURC’s main office is located in North Philadelphia. Barbra Conner is the Executive Manger of the
company, and her job is to find the prospective properties, retaliators, and contractors for different
projects that the company wants to work on. She would be the key person to contact for a philanthropic
To: Barbra Conner
From: Ranya Hasan
Subject: Philanthropic Proposal- Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity International, also known as Habitat for Humanity, is a non-profit organization that
focuses on trying to eliminate homelessness all over the world. Because our company is in the housing
business like Habitat for Humanity, it would be a perfect choice for a philanthropic partnership. If this
company is able to donate building materials to help with one (or more) of Habitat for Humanity’s
projects then the company would have a chance in increasing recognition in the Philadelphia
community, give the opportunity for employees to see how the housing business could be for the
greater good, and company can successfully recycle unwanted building material.
More information about Habitat for Humanity!
 Close to Home:
Habitat for Humanity has a similar mission to HURC: trying to produce livable housing for people. Over
600,000 people in the United States are homeless, and more than 16% of American families live in
poverty. Habitat for Humanity mission is to reduce and completely remove these issues of homelessness
and poverty in the United States and around the world. Habitat for Humanity has successfully built and
repaired over 800,000 homes and assisted more than 4 million people from all over the world.
 Why Habitat for Humanity:
This origination is very focused on spending the maximum time and money on its projects. The website
Charity Navigator states that Habitat for Humanity spends 84.7% of its finances on its programs, and the
rest goes to administrative work and marketing.
What do we do?
Homeless Awareness Month is in November, and HURC should take the opportunity to give back to the
community in this time. I propose to set up a collection site for recyclable and reusable building
materials that we accumulate from our reconstruction projects around the city. The HURC has a great
amount of materials that many times are not used completely in construction projects, which leaves the
material needed to be recycled. The problem with this is we do not know if the material is being used
after recycling, and this is why donating it to Habitat for Humanity is a better plan.
Building Material Drive:
Location: Main Office parking lot, collection bins
When: Month of November
Who: This material drive will be open to the employees, especially the contractors, as well as
the public for anyone in the community that is able to donate decent building supplies.
Estimate Cost: The accounting department estimates that the drive will collect over 15
thousand dollars of recycled building material.
Program detail: This drive will be for the Habitat for Humanity ReStore program, which its
specific purpose is to collect recycled building material.
How will this drive help our Company?
Marketing- This drive will give out company promotion to the community.
Philanthropy- the whole propose of this drive is to do something for the greater good of the
community, and that is a reason that can go on.
Increasing knowledge- this is an opportunity for the employees to see other aspects of the
housing industry
Recycling- this is a way for the left over materials from our projects to go to a good cause.
We would know where the materials are going, and not wonder if it is really being used.
By having this “building material drive” we will be able to give back to the housing industry, show the
Philadelphia community we are a business with good intentions, and have a way to find better purpose
for our recycled building material.
Please email me back with a time and date that you would like to meet and discuss this proposal in
further detail.
Ranya Hasan
Marketing Director