Module 00 - Introduction to the Modules

Module 00 – Introduction to the Modules
The modules will have four sections. If you use the outline view in Word, you can see the structure more
effectively, but it is not necessary. You can use these in any Word compatible program, including Google
Docs and Open Office. I am doing these as individual documents because I think that makes the material
easier to incorporate into your own notes.
Learning Objectives
These are the basic concepts that you should learn in the module.
Reading Assignment
This is the material, which can be in the book or on the www that you will read in
conjunction with the module. While these will usually be readings, they may also be
videos or audio recordings.
Issues to be addressed
These are questions and notes to guide your reading. They represent the issues that we
will discuss in class. This allows you to make sure that you get the key concepts out of
the readings. While I could do this with a recorded audio lecture, I think written notes are
faster and easier to handle. You should be prepared to discuss the issues in class.
Evaluation Questions
These are model exam questions on the module. These will help you prepare for the exam
as we move through the course.