Sangamon-Menard Extension Unit 4-H Project Activities and Exhibit Requirements

Sangamon-Menard Extension Unit
4-H Project Activities and
Exhibit Requirements
Project: Cat Care I, Cat Care II, Cat Care III
Suggested ages: 8 to 19
Latest Starting Date: April 1
Recommended Project Activities:
• Care for one cat or kitten.
• Give a talk or demonstration related to your cat project.
• Attend project workshops as provided.
• Learn proper nutrition for cats or kittens.
• Learn health problems of cats or kittens.
Project Exhibit Requirements:
1. Project members may show in one of the following categories:
a) Kitten (long or short hair) 2 to 9 months
b) Cat (short hair) 9 months and up
c) Cat (long hair) 9 months and up
d) Animal Science Display (for members not exhibiting a live
2. All cats are required to have vaccinations including rabies and
distemper. Proof of vaccinations should be presented at check-in.
(Kittens under 2 months and kittens not having vaccination are not
3. Cats with contagious diseases such as feline leukemia may not be
4. Nursing mother cats may be exhibited however they are usually in
poorer condition as their nutrient reserves are directed to the kittens.
Kittens should be left at home.
5. Altered cats are allowed. 4-H members should be able to explain why
the cat was or was not altered.
6. 4-H members who have won champion trophy in either long or short
hair cat classes will not be eligible for the same trophy in future shows
with the same animal. Members who have won a trophy are encouraged
to raise a different cat or kitten the next year.
Ribbons will be awarded on the following basis:
Blue - excellent conditioned cat
Red - good conditioned cat
White - fair conditioned cat
Animal Science Display – For exhibitors not showing a live
Exhibits in this category will be judged at your county’s 4-H general project
Prepare a display related to an activity completed in the project. Live animals
are not permitted as exhibits in this area. For safety reasons, exhibits should
not include glass, syringes with needles or any other sharp objects. Exhibits in
this area are limited to a space of 2’ wide and 15” deep. All items in the display
should be affixed to the display board – no additional items should be included.
Exhibitors age 10 and older must fill out a 1 page 4-H Exhibit Report to
include with their exhibit. The 4-H Exhibit Report can be found on our county
website at
under the printable forms section. If you do not have internet access you can
contact your 4-H leader, or call the Extension Office to receive a copy of the
report form.
EXHIBIT ELIGIBLE FOR STATE FAIR-- 4-H member must be 10 years of age
by September 1 of the current 4-H year to exhibit at the State Fair.
REVISED: 3/2009