LEADERSHIP Demonstration and Talk Ideas

Demonstration and Talk Ideas
Leadership I
 Have club members complete a coat of arms.
 Play the echo game with club members.
 Play “Giving Directions” on page 19 in your manual.
 Have a club members do a trust walk.
 Have club members design their own clover like on page 49 of your manual.
 Play breaking balloons with club members.
Leadership II
 Do the “Back to Back” activity on page 29 of your manual with club members.
 Have club members make collages about themselves and share them.
 Share with your club members something very important that has happened to you.
 Talk about slogans and how they influence people.
 Explain how to set and prioritize goals.
 Have club members participate in the “Making A Machine” activity on page 66 of your
Leadership III
 Demonstrate simple parliamentary procedures.
 Teach members personal appearance techniques.
 Give a talk on the proper way to give an introduction and be introduced. You may want
to demonstrate several different situations.
 Talk about and demonstrate the proper way to brainstorm.
 Talk about how to make good decisions.
 Talk about content and process’ importance to groups.
Leadership IV
 Explain what a creed is and assist members in writing their own.
 Talk about the three qualities of communication found on page 31 of your manual.
 Talk about the “ownership of feelings”.
 Talk about the steps involved in decision making.
 Explain how to develop and write goals.
 Describe the different roles that people take on in a group.
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