Checklist for Short Story assignment:

Checklist for Short Story assignment:
The grading rubric published on the website will serve for the Final Draft… but the project as a whole
needs to exhibit Evidence of your Writing Working Process.
All materials will come in as a “package”:
1. The story itself, printed out and with your Annotations, Marginalia, highlights, and so on…
2. Separate notes from drafting and research
3. Elements of Narration handout and notes
4. Short Story Analysis handout and notes
5. PLANNING the essay: Tree and/or Outline of your overall essay structure
6. Rough Draft with annotations, peer questions, etc.
7. Final Draft: typed, double spaced, proper heading (name , etc.), Title (NOT the title of the story
as your title; you must have a unique title for YOUR essay, a title that will distinguish it from the
other essays)