Class 8 Notes for 3/3: "Throws Like the Girl She Is," "Punk's Not Dead," Peer Review Explanation

Essays On Identity
“Throws Like the Girl She Is” and
“Punk’s Not Dead”
Reading Like a Writer: “Throws Like
the Girl She Is” p. 264
• How has the particular subculture (in this case, a
softball league) had an influence on this author’s
– Be as specific as possible.
– Are you as specific as this author is in your essay?
• Which examples and stories that the author tells
are particularly effective?
– Have you picked the most relevant, effective stories
and examples to support your thesis in your essay?
“Throws Like the Girl She Is” p. 264
“Like a Girl” Ad
• In addition to the idea of “throws like a girl” being an insult or
not, what other important ideas does this essay discuss?
• Do you think that sports can represent more than just
an activity for some people, but can also represent a
culture, a family, a place to belong? Examples?
Thinking Like a Writer: “Punk’s Not
Dead” p. 554
• What are some of stereotypes the author and his
friends faced because they were part of the punk
subculture? You might find it useful to compare the
way this author writes about his experience with other
authors we have read.
• What do you think of how the author depicts the punk
subculture as a place for community?
• Notice the level of specificity the author uses. He
quotes specific lyrics from songs, tells several stories
about specific defining moments in his involvement in
the punk subculture, etc. Choose one of these specific
passages and discuss how it contributes to the essay as
a whole.
The Peer Review Process:
• First, you must upload your draft to the correct
folder on turnitin by the due date. In order to give
comments to peers, you must upload a draft. (You
must have a turnitin account by tonight so I can
put you in a group with the people you wish to
have as peer reviewers.)
• As soon as the due date for the draft passes, you
will be able to read and comment on your peers’
essays, and your peers will be able to read and
comment on yours. (If one of your peers does not
upload an essay, you will be assigned a random
essay to comment on.)
The Peer Review Process:
• Comments will be open until the start of class on the
day of peer review. If you have not commented on your
peers’ essays by this time, you will not be able to do so,
and you will lose points on your final draft.
• As soon as the window to make comments closes (at
the beginning of class), you will be able to view the
comments your peers left on your paper.
• During peer review, you will discuss your reactions to
each others’ work and give further suggestions for
improvement. Failure to attend on the day of peer
review means losing points off of your final draft.