11/17 Notes for Week 12: Annotating Sources, Outlining, and Drafting

Annotating Sources,
Outlining, and Drafting
Three Things to Sign Up For:
• Choose peer review groups for research paper
• Put a question about the Research Paper in the
Answer Hat.
• Choose an OPTIONAL conference time for the
second half of class
The Answer Hat
At this point in your research, I know that people in
this class are coming across a variety of
questions/obstacles, and I want to know what they
EVERY person needs to put at least one question or
concern on a note card (no names needed). I will
look through the questions and answer them as best
I can for everyone.
How to Get the Most Out of a
• Be on time. We will probably be on a tight
• Be early if you can.
• Don’t use conference time looking for your work. Have it
ready and in your hands when you walk in the door.
• Bring any work you have done on your paper.
• Outline
• Printed copy of draft
• Annotated sources.
• Come ready with specific questions about your
Annotate Printed Sources
• Highlight and comment on important or intriguing
• Facts/statistics important to your argument
• Well-stated points to which you can respond using a
quote sandwich
• Common threads across all research
• Facts/points in one source that relate to information
from another source
• Content that will help you to use a balance of
Outline Research Paper
• I have placed an outline on the course website.
• Know your thesis. What is the big claim about your topic
you are making? Make sure this claim has a clear point of
view and a preview of how your essay will support the
• What are the major points of support for your thesis? Each
of these points will require a paragraph of explanation (or
several paragraphs, if the point is complicated).
• Each body paragraph of your paper should have quotes or
paraphrases from your sources integrated smoothly. Begin
grouping quotes/info and deciding how you will group them
into paragraphs so you can weave them together and with
your own ideas.
Draft Research Paper
• If you have a strong thesis and a clear idea of where
you are going with your paper, you may use this
time to draft your essay.
• You may also continue to find more appropriate
sources for your paper.
• Today will require you to be self directed. Use your
time wisely while I am conferencing with others,
and you will have less to do at home.