SIUE’s role

Industry and University Cooperation
Elvir Causevic
Everest Biomedical Instruments
Dr. T.K. Parthasarathy
Department of Communication Disorders
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Dr. George L. Engel
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Southern Illinois Univeristy Edwardsville
Presentation Overview
Auidiology and Electrical Engineering?
Need for AUDIOscreener
How does it work?
Success story!!!
Where do we go from here?
Dr. George L. Engel
 Digital
hearing aids
 Magnetic fingerprinting
 Nuclear radiation detectors
 Brain wave monitor
 Integrated fluid level detector
Dr. T.K. Parthasarathy
Clinical Studies Related to:
Otoacoustic Emissions as a
Function of Age
 ABR Changes as a Function of
 Clinical Validation Studies with the
Hearing Screener
Need for AUDIOscreener
Newborn Nursery: 1 per 1000
NICU: 3 to 4 / 1000
Average Age of Detection of HI
in America: 18 months to 36
months (U.S. Dept. of Health
and Human Services, 1990)
Hearing Impairment: Areas Affected
Speech and Language
Social and Educational
Emotional and Vocational
Loss of Income to Society: $2.5
Develop a Portable Screening Device:
 inexpensive
 accurate
 simple
 user-friendly
How does it work?
Otoacoustic Emissions
Echoes/reflections from the inner ear
in response to brief sounds such as
clicks or tones
Auditory Brainstem Response
Electrical responses from the hearing
nerve and the brainstem to brief
sounds such as clicks or tones
Success Story
Successful FUR
External funding for SIUE
Clinical trials are underway at
SIUE to evaluate the overall
effectiveness of the device
FDA approved
Device should reach
marketplace within next 3
months (Elvir ????)
Benefits to Participating Students
Sumit Arora
Rashmi Ramaprasan
Nauman Mustafa
Ralph Walden
Randy Krohn
Student projects
Case studies
Valuable interaction with industry
Job opportunities
Where do we go from here?
Additional clinical studies
Addition of ABR
Micro-chips to reduce size
and extend battery life
designed at