Internship Agreement

Department of Business & Economics
Internship Agreement
Intern's Name __________________________________________________________________
Internship site (company/organization) ______________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________
Dates of internship ______________________________________________________________
We recognize that the intern is enrolled in a course which provides internship credit while doing
work for us. We commit to assisting the faculty in the evaluation of the intern by timely
submission of the Internship Evaluation form at the conclusion of his/her work. We realize that
he/she cannot receive credit without the completed evaluation form.
We anticipate that the evaluation form will be completed by:
Supervisor's Name ____________________________________________________
Title _______________________________________________________________
Phone _______________________________________ Extension _____________
Email _____________________________________________________________
Signed ________________________________________ Date ________________
Materials may be submitted either electronically (PDF) or by mailing the hard copy to:
Daniel C. Minchen
Associate Professor of Communication and Business
Houghton College
One Willard Avenue, Houghton, NY 14744
● Phone: 585-734-2520 ● Fax: 585-567-9305
● Email: [email protected]
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