Hedley, Mark; Stygar, Elizabeth; Perkins,Laura; Nore, Ellen - Greening SIUE

Greening SIUE
Mark Hedley, PhD (panel organizer)
Elizabeth Stygar,
Laura Perkins, PhD
Speech Communication
Ellen Nore, PhD
Historical Studies,
The purpose of this panel will be to explore SIUE’s potential to become a more
“environment friendly” campus. This exploration will be accomplished by (1)
identifying key aspects of the university’s operation that affect the surrounding natural
environment of the campus, (2) researching the current status quo at SIUE regarding
these topics, and (3) proposing changes that could be made in an effort to minimize any
negative environmental impacts of the university. Topics we are currently exploring
include waste management & recycling, motor vehicles and fuel consumption, the
protection of natural habitat, and campus landscaping practices. Other potential topics
include campus building projects & practices as well as alternative energy sources. Panel
members currently include: