Bridge Feedback from Educational Leadership

Bridge Feedback from Educational Leadership
The following perceived strengths and weaknesses were offered by members of the
Department of Educational Leadership concerning the Bridge proposals:
Core Design Proposal
Strengths: Speaks directly to foundations; uses themes; requires interdisciplinary work;
causes departments to work together; has specific topics; goes with Illinois requirements.
Weaknesses: Not as specific in its implementation as other plans.
Distribution Design Proposal
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: Assumes students can do skills in isolation from content; assumes students
can test out of a standard set of skills and knowledge, thus getting the material out of the
way to get to the important things.
Learning Communities Design Proposal
Strengths: Focused on interdisciplinary learning. Current draft is easier to understand
than previous one.
Weaknesses: First draft was confusing and hard to understand; privileges the language of
community; content is missing.
Note: Members considered all of the proposals to be superior to the Gen Ed sequence.