Presenter: Jxxxx Lmnop, ABC Consulting “A Comparison of …” ANNOUNCEMENT

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Presenter: Jxxxx Lmnop, ABC Consulting
“A Comparison of …”
Abstract: This paper provides a qualitative and quantitative comparison of XYZ systems. Their
applicable required construction techniques, behavior in environmental and thermal conditions,
and applications of use were compared qualitatively. Each system’s ability to provide additional
structural capacity to a deficient beam was evaluated quantitatively using recommended design
procedures from their respective American Concrete Institute (ACI) documents. Based on a
qualitative analysis, it was found that XYZ systems exhibit more favorable behavior when
subjected to aggressive environments and elevated temperatures. In addition, XYZ systems
provide a porous material that allows air and moisture to travel in and out of the substrate, which
is a favorable characteristic when selecting retrofit materials for existing structural members with
substrate deterioration, section loss in reinforcing due to corrosion, or both. The design
procedure and guidelines were generally similar for both systems in question, but ACI 440.2R08 for XYZ systems was more fully-developed and provided greater detail than ACI 549.4R-13
for XYZ2 systems. Upon completion of the quantitative portion of the comparative analysis, it
was found that XYZ systems provide a more efficient means of flexural strengthening. In the
context of this paper, a single layer of XYZ material was required to exceed the ultimate applied
moment, while three layers of XYZ2 materials were required to exceed the same value.
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