A PowerPoint by Dr. Frank Hurley

A PowerPoint by Dr. Frank Hurley
Read the application instructions carefully
 Think about what you are going to write
 Begin with an outline/brainstorm
 Make sure your outline checks every box
 Make sure you address every aspect of the
 Use clear, concise and simple language
 Make sure your grammar and spelling are perfect
 Read the application questions again and make
sure you address them
 Proofread!
 Put the application into perspective and
appropriate context
a clear/guiding idea
Make sure your essay fits any
theme that may be present
Answer the underlying questions
Make it stand out by being
uniquely “you”
Use a positive emphasis
sample scholarship
Ask for help from parents, friends,
and colleagues
Consider your childhood
Consider your role models
Determine your goal(s)
Identify, build and foster confidence