Would like to welcome The Faculty & Staff of: NYU Hospitals Center

Would like to welcome
The Faculty & Staff of:
NYU School of Medicine
NYU Hospitals Center
The Hospital for Joint Diseases
To take advantage of our
Specialized Financial Services
All employees are being offered a free ExtraVantage banking relationship,
with Direct Deposit of Payroll. The package includes the following benefits:
An ExtraVantage checking account with no monthly maintenance fee
No charge for any wallet-style checks
Overdraft Protection (subject to credit approval)
No monthly fee for HSBC MasterMoney™ debit card*
No issuance fee for travelers cheques, Official Checks or Money Orders
Loan discounts including 1% off the APR on new loans with an additional ½% off
with automatic deduction
 No annual membership fee for MasterCard/Visa® credit card (subject to credit
 Free internet banking with on-line Bill Pay
Also available:
 Premium Money Market account with no minimum balance required
 Select Line of Credit
 Pre-approved mortgage program with $100 discount on closing costs
This special banking package is offered by:
605 Third Avenue
New York, NY 11201
(212) 697-3450
245 First Ave (14th St.)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 505-1040
10 Union Square East
New York, NY 10003
(212) 598-4588
*there may be a transaction fee charged by another bank based on the ATM network utilized
 All that is required to open the account is two valid pieces of identification
(one of which must be your NYU Hospitals Center, Hospital for Joint
Diseases or NYU School of Medicine identification card).
-Turn over to learn more about exclusive mortgage benefits offered through HSBC-
Exclusive Mortgage Benefits offered for
NYU School of Medicine, NYU Hospitals Center &
The Hospital for Joint Diseases
 Dedicated Lending Officer offers exclusive personalized service.
 Free Pre-approvals.
 Community Works low cost mortgage program, discounted mortgage
rates for qualified borrowers.
 First Home Club, offering up to $5,000 in grant assistance for
qualified borrowers.
 Low down payment mortgage programs.
 Financing for every type of property, including coops and condos.
 Flexible mortgage programs: jumbo loans, limited documentation
programs, adjustable-rate loans, interest only programs, blended
programs, new construction, SONYMA, FHA, and VA.
 Waiver of Loan Origination Fee.
 Waiver of Commitment Fee.
 No charge for appraisal on conforming loans.
 All mortgages retained in HSBC’s servicing portfolio.
Contact Lawrence Kelter, Senior Mortgage Lending Officer, at
(631) 420-7610