Cultural Safety Robyn Williams

Cultural Safety
Robyn Williams
Critically examine the concept of cultural
Reflect on the relevance of cultural safety to
your work practice
Analyse the issues pertinent to cultural
safety of health service delivery
Points to Consider
As health professionals,
educators, researchers,
bureaucrats (whatever) we need to understand that
culture is a socially
constructed phenomenon
and there are all sorts of
implications for social
Points to Consider
We also need to recognise that we need to
develop a sophisticated critique of culture
and cultural difference in order to practise
safely and effectively
What is culture?
 Reflect on aspects and examples of your
personal and professional identity that can be
linked with your cultural background and
What is cultural awareness?
Does this differ from cultural sensitivity? If so
- how?
What is cultural safety and
why do we have to think
about it?
List points for and against
examining the issue of
cultural safety
If you are working/studying with people who
behave in a culturally unsafe way - how do
you handle such a situation?
From your experience, do
you have a sense that these
objectives have been
incorporated into the
education and training of
your particular profession?
Do you think they should
 How
can you better incorporate these
elements into your current practice?