Download September 2, 2014

Faculty Council News
2 September 2014
The September meeting opened with new business, during which Council announced that it is
seeking at least one additional nominee to serve on the Institutional Effectiveness and Budget
Committee (IEBC). If more than three names come forward, the Executive Committee of
Council will choose which three names will go forward to the President, as Council seeks to fill
one vacant seat. The second motion elected Tatiana Patrone, Associate Professor, Philosophy and
Religion, to serve as the Faculty Council Representative on the curriculum subcommittee of the
Academic Policy Committee (APC). Council still has an open seat on the policy subcommittee
of APC.
The Provost Report followed new business. Interim Provost Petrosino introduced herself, noting
that she is starting her third year at IC, and has been in her new post since June. She intimated
that she is striving to get up to speed, and that her ultimate goal is to sustain former Provost
Kelly’s efforts. To that end, Provost Petrosino will focus on IC20/20, as she seeks to foster from
the faculty the generation of new ICC courses, such as WI, QL, D, and Capstone classes; she also
wishes to explore service learning and community engagement opportunities for our students.
Other important process she wishes to focus on include: zero-based budgeting, strategic sourcing,
and finalizing the Rochester PT move to Ithaca. Linda also indicated that she is interested in
examining ways to expand ITS’ role in the academic mission of the College, especially since the
hire of the new VP for Informational Services, Keith “Mac” McIntosh. Linda also spoke about
expanding ICNYC programming, searching for a dean for the Business School, collaborating
with Institutional Advancement to help raise monies for the College, the successful launch of the
First Year Reading Initiative (FYRE), and efforts to expand international competencies aide from
students going abroad.
Bryan Roberts, Associate Dean, Communications, then provided an update on the Homer
Workflow project. Bryan said that his group meets weekly, has received more ITS programming
help, and does extensive quality controls before going live. He indicated that course override online process is complete, and that the change of major process is nearly done. Their goals for this
year include on-line advising files, change of grade, incomplete grade, wavier-sub, and petition to
transfer credit.
After hearing the various reports, Council then discussed its budget priorities for the 2014-2015
academic year. Two motions emanated from our discourse and were passed unanimously.
1. Council requests an increase in part time and overload salaries to minimally the
salary in 2009 in real dollars, and that this salary then be linked to subsequent
yearly general merit increments.
2. Council urges an interpretation of the under CPI/over CPI policy to mean that any
increases in salary minimally cover increases in benefits and fees for all employees.
Council then entered Executive Section to discuss Council’s recommendation of faculty for the
Provost search. The meeting then adjourned.
Tom Swensen
Secretary Faculty Council
Professor and Chair Exercise and Sport Sciences