John Cabot University Student Government Social Event Report Event: When:

John Cabot University Student Government
Social Event Report
Event: Romecoming 2012, “Talent Show: Open Mic”
When: Wednesday, September 26th from 8 PM till 9.30 PM
Where: Tiber Campus Cafeteria
Attendance: About 50 students attended the event, however hard to determine who was there for
the show or for personal reasons.
Guests: Open to all students, staff and faculty.
Purpose: The event was organized so that students of John Cabot could show their talents in a
relaxed atmosphere and to promote unity and respect amongst students, in accordance to the main
purpose of Romecoming 2012.
Details: As it was an Open Mic event, there are not much details to be mentioned. It was very
informal, in the sense that everybody who wanted to participate spontaneously was welcome to go
on stage. The only attributes used were a microphone, speakers and couple of instruments (some of
them brought by students themselves). The chairs in the cafeteria were used.
Expenditures: None, the guests could enjoy the aperitivo in the cafeteria.
Media: Outcomes: Initially not many people were at the show and people were reluctant to perform.
However, after somebody dared to be the first participant, the show came to life. Also the audience
started to grow to about 50 people, of which a part was already in the cafeteria and a part came
especially to see the show. Not only well-rounded musicians known amongst the student body of
JCU participated, also new talents have been discovered. Overall, the event has been received
Date: 14/10/12
Submitted By: Sandra Louise Hallie
Student Government Representative