John Cabot University Student Government Event Report Event: When:

John Cabot University Student Government
Event Report
Event: Student Government Kick-Off event
When: Wednesday February 1, 2012 7:15-9:30pm
Where: Tiber Campus Student Center (Cafeteria)
 Student Government (all senate members present);
 Around 150 students
Guests: Three Brazilian musicians that performed
Purpose: To foster community, bring the students an enjoyable evening, promote the
Student Center and bring the clubs together.
Details: Student Government coordinated this event with a local band made up of 3
Brazilian musicians, with the Art History Club and with the Cafeteria. The different
elements of this event were as follows:
 Student Government:
o Coordination of the Student Center (decorations, advertising, etc.)
o Booking the Band
o Clean up
 Art History Club:
o Organizing a student photo exhibition
o The Cafeteria provided an aperitivo for the students to purchase.
Expenditures: 400 euro
Media: A member of Student Government took photographs throughout the evening. They
will be submitted to relevant university departments.
 Students were able to enjoy live music while supporting the services of the
Cafeteria. Students learned about the Cafeteria’s nightly aperitivo’s, while making
use of their facilities after school hours.
 Clubs, Student Government and the student body (including Visiting Students and
Degree Seekers) were able to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and community.
 The Art History Club participated in their first event and promoted their goal of
bringing art to the Student Center.
Student Government sold water bottles with the intention of giving a portion of the
earnings to the Library, effectively allowing the student body to contribute to its
Submitted 07/02/12;
Emily Gauthier
Student Government
Event Coordinator