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Student Senate Candidate Application

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Deadline: August 30 th

, 2012


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Current Year: ____ Freshman ____ Sophomore ____ Junior ____Senior


Senate Position:


Senate position has been created to express the needs and concerns of students of John

Cabot University. The Senate position also entails senators to actively participate as creative members of Student Government that help facilitate events to encourage interaction amongst students academically and leisure wise.

In order to prepare candidate information sheets for the student body, please provide your brief responses to the following questions:






Please provide a brief bio of yourself.

Why are you interested in joining Student Government?

What qualities best qualify you for the position of Senate member?

List any previous experience you have had with Student Government or leadership roles within other clubs similar to Student Government.

If you are elected as a Senator, what are goals that you have set for Student

Government new academic year?

If I am not nominated to the position of my choice, I would like to participate in Student Government by being appointed to one of the following committees:

Events Planning:

Please keep me in mind for other committees as they are formed: None

I understand and accept the requirements and qualifications for this office as stated in the JCU Student Government Constitution. I understand that the information and statements I have provided here may be used by the Electoral Commission to publish

“Candidate Profiles” for the Student Body

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