2016 Performance Review Process

Performance Review Process 2016
1. Employee completes an evaluation of their supervisor through Qualtrics. (Optional)
(Instructions will be sent to each employee via email on April 1st.)
2. Employee completes a self-assessment and submits to supervisor.
The self-assessment should include results/accomplishments related to any goals that were set during
the previous review/feedback period.
3. Supervisor completes Performance Review form and schedules a time to meet with employee.
Incorporating employee’s self-assessment, summarize and highlight employee’s performance and goal
accomplishments, areas for improvement and professional development plans.
4. Submit Performance Review to the next level of supervision for review and discussion.
This discussion informs the next level supervisor of employee’s overall performance, especially in the
case where performance problems exist.
5. Hold the formal, pre-arranged meeting with the employee to review performance.
Discuss the written materials prepared prior to this meeting. Following the formal discussion and
before the employee acknowledges the review, the employee has the option to enter comments in the
workflow notification that will be included in the review.
6. Signatures required.
After employee has completed his/her comments and completed the final acknowledgement step, the
resulting document will serve as the electronic acknowledgement and signature.
7. The completed and signed performance review document.
The completed, acknowledged performance review will be electronically submitted with all signatures
and attached to the employee record in Parnassus.
Review/Feedback Timeline
The following are the key milestone dates for the Performance Review Process at Ithaca College:
April 1 – April 15
April 18 – June 30
Employee completes evaluation of their Supervisor through Qualtrics.
Online process in Parnassus open for documenting and submitting Employee SelfAssessment and Performance Review.
Documentation completed online will be attached to the individual’s record
electronically in Parnassus.
If a unit’s Performance Reviews are not completed and submitted, the unit
supervisor will not receive a salary increment until all reviews have been completed.
Any identified increment for the supervisor will not be retroactive.
Revised 3/25/2016
Feedback Areas
Job-Specific Skills and
Quality of Work
Open and Adaptable
Engagement and Service
Understands the job requirements and possesses the required skills,
experience and specific content knowledge necessary to accomplish
Completes assigned work accurately, effectively and efficiently. Work
performed is consistent, thorough and completed in a timely manner.
Approachable and accessible, welcomes and actively seeks feedback,
embraces new ideas, adapts plans and actions readily and easily, and
takes initiative.
Cultivates relationships and maintains effective partnerships that
leverage expertise and strengthen individual and institutional
performance and accomplish organizational goals.
Facilitates open communication, demonstrates effective listening skills,
and constructively provides and receives feedback, takes appropriate
action to address and resolve conflict.
Displays and fosters integrity and honesty through the promotion of
mutual trust and respect, acknowledges the contribution of others, and
creates an environment where everyone feels valued.
Understands the value of his/her role as part of the educational
experience of our students and actively participates as a member of the
campus community.
Diversity and Inclusion
Demonstrates a commitment to diversity principles and fosters an
inclusive workplace where individual differences are valued and
leveraged to achieve organizational goals.
Individual identified goals aligned with their unit and the College’s
Accomplishments/Results strategic direction, and achieves results. Takes action in the
accomplishment of tasks, assignments and goals.
Areas for Growth,
Identify areas for professional and personal growth and development as
well as any areas for improvement.
Revised 3/25/2016