Practice of Organic Farming Application
2016 season
Class level (Fr, So, Jr, Sr)
Email address
Thank you for your interest in the Practice of Organic Farming program. Please answer the following
questions to demonstrate your understanding and grasp of the prerequisites. Email your completed
application (PDFs only) to both faculty ([email protected], [email protected]). Keep your
answers brief (2 pages max). Applications received prior to March 2, 2016 will be given priority.
1. You need to add 5 lbs of nitrogen per acre prior to planting a field. You decide to use feather meal,
which is 12% nitrogen. Please first describe the reasoning behind your calculations and then show
all your work.
a. How much feather meal should be added per acre to get 5 lbs. of N?
b. How much feather meal should be added to a 4 by 100 ft bed to get the same concentration
of nitrogen?
2. Describe a biology concept and how it applies to agriculture.
3. Describe a chemistry concept and how it applies to agriculture.
4. Outline your experience working on projects/in jobs where attention to detail, ability to follow
detailed directions and working with others was required.
a. What skills were required to be successful in this situation?
5. Describe a conflict that is representative of your behavior during conflicts and outline how you
resolved it.
6. We are prioritizing enrollment for students intending to stay in the program all three quarters. If
you know in advance that you are unable to be registered all three quarters and have a compelling
reason to join the program, please describe your reason.