University Curriculum Committee
Meeting Minutes
January 30, 2015, 2 p.m.
Comal Building, Room 116
Members attending: Micky Autrey, Betsy Blunk, Karen Gibbs, Selene Hinojosa,
Lou Jimenez, Gloria Johannessen, Jessica McClean, Ken Moon, William Peeler,
Rebecca Raphael, Vivek Shah, Amy Simmons, Michael Supancic, Ricardo
Torrejon, Gary Winek, Jo An Zimmermann
Guests attending: Fatima Al-Dhahi, Angela Ausbrooks, Ron Brown, Michael
Burns, Eleanor Close, Bob Fischer, Heather Galloway, Kim May, Diann McCabe,
Kristin McDaniel, Dorinda Noble, Peter Siegenthaler, Benjamin Swenson-Weiner,
Debbie Thorne, Anne Winchell
School of Social Work
 Master of Social Work major in Advanced Practice Leadership APPROVED with revisions on page 7 to reword middle paragraph in a
more positive tone, correct phase out date to 2019, and correct course
number typo; and on page 12 to change “stragglers” to “remaining
 SOWK 5370 Advanced Program Planning and Grant-Based Resource
Development - APPROVED with revision to the goals/objectives
 SOWK 5371 Advanced Assessment, Leadership, and Supervision in
Social Service Organizations - APPROVED with revisions to the
goals/objectives, grading scale, assessment to clarify the case studies,
and outline
 SOWK 5372 Advanced Diagnostic Assessment and Intervention with
Individuals - APPROVED with revision to the outline
 SOWK 5373 Advanced Intervention with Families and Groups APPROVED
 SOWK 5678 Advanced Practicum 1 - APPROVED
 SOWK 5679 Advanced Practicum 2 - APPROVED
Honors College
 HON 2301 Topics in Communication - APPROVED with revision to the
 HON 2301A Writing to Change the World - APPROVED
 HON 2302 Topics in Mathematics - APPROVED
 HON 2302A Elementary Number Theory - APPROVED with revisions to
the credit hours, grade mode and goals/objectives
 HON 2303 Topics in Life and Physical Sciences - APPROVED
 HON 2303A Teaching Physical Science to Children - APPROVED with
revision to the goals/objectives
 HON 2304 Topics in Language, Philosophy, and Culture - APPROVED
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HON 2304A The Meaning of Death - APPROVED
HON 2305 Topics in Creative Arts - APPROVED
HON 2305A African American Popular Music: Society, Politics and
Culture – APPROVED
HON 2306 Topics in American History - APPROVED
HON 2306A American History Through Memoirs - APPROVED with
revision to the goals/objectives
HON 2307 Topics in Government/Political Science - APPROVED
HON 2307A Democracy in America - APPROVED with revision to the
HON 2308 Topics in Social and Behavioral Sciences - APPROVED
HON 2308A Economic Anthropology - APPROVED
HON 2309 Topics in Literature and Communication - APPROVED with
revision to the abbreviated title
HON 2309A Origins of Civilization - APPROVED
HON 2309B Re-Humanizing Communication - APPROVED with revision
to the abbreviated title
Dr. Shah recommends the UCC be notified of future HON courses that are
approved by the General Education Council (GEC) for the core curriculum.
GEC meeting minutes can be distributed to the UCC members.
PPS 2.01 Draft Annual Course Calendar
Committee discussed the latest draft of an annual course calendar. As more
details are learned from the CourseLeaf project, the draft calendar will finalized.
Dr. Shah requested the addition of Department Curriculum Committees in the
reviews. Lou Jimenez discussed the status of the annual catalog proposal that
the UCC had previously endorsed at their meeting of October 24, 2014.
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