Invited Organization List

Potential Task Force Membership
It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive, or in all locales accurate, as state and
municipal governments set up their umbrella of agencies in different ways and the mission of
non-profits also vary depending on community need and the types of clients served. The list was
developed as a potential pool of community groups that might be interested in assisting with the
assessment of the community’s level of disaster preparedness. Organizations were added to the
original list found in our assessment packet to elaborate on specific divisions of governmental
organizations and to highlight specific non-profit organizations that could be available in a given
service area.
* Italics denotes added organization
Public Safety / Emergency Management Office
Governmental Department of Human Services
1. Food Stamps
2. Child Protective Services
3. Adult Protective Services
Department of Health
1. Office of the Aging
2. Public Health Clinic
3. Public Health Nurse
4. Immunization Project Staff
Office of Immigration and Naturalization
Department of Planning
Department of Social Services
1. County Mental Health Services
2. Department of Public Health
3. Rehabilitation and Vocational Services
4. Juvenile Services
Fire and Law enforcement
School District
Department of Parks and Recreation
Local Housing Authority / Housing Assistance Office / HUD
Job Placement Offices
Department of Criminal Justice
1. Probation
2. Parole
3. Juvenile Justice
Office of Economic Development
Job Placement Offices
Immigrant Relocation Programs / Immigrant Assistance
Domestic Violence Shelter / Advocacy Group
The Women’s Center / Rape Crisis Center
After School Programs / Boys and Girls Club / Head Start
Local Food Bank Director / Soup Kitchen
Juvenile Shelter Program
Coalition on the Aging
The Salvation Army
Community Home Health / Hospice Care
Local Homeless Shelter Personnel
Coalition for the Homeless / Homeless Advocacy Group
Addiction Recovery Services
Senior Citizens Activity Center
Anti – Gang Organizations
Child Advocacy Groups
Meals on Wheels (local chapter)
Community Development Corporations
Faith – based Organizations
Small Business Owners
Chamber of Commerce
Private Companies and Organizations