MATH 1332

Central Texas College, Fort Knox
MATH 1332, Cotemporary Mathematics
Make-Up Examinations Policy
, _________________________________________________, acknowledge the instructor’s following
conditions for making-up a missed examination:
understand that make-up examinations are kept in a special location. They will not be in the
instructor’s in/out box. If the administrative staff cannot find the exam, I should call the instructor
immediately for assistance at (270) 737-3117 or (270) 723-0200.
am allowed only one make-up examination during the course. (Taking the final examination or
another exam early is not counted as a make-up examination.)
understand, if I have the misfortune to receive an exam score of zero on one or more tests during the
course, that the instructor will replace only one of these scores with the lowest score I received on any
of the other exams that I did complete.
must complete a make-up examination before 5:00pm on the next scheduled class date following the
original exam date, or I will receive an exam score of zero.
understand that my make-up examination will be available at the office the morning after an exam
night; that the CTC staff will administer make-up tests at 9:00am, 11:00am, and 1:00pm, Mondays,
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and (with exceptions) Fridays; and that I must make an appointment to take the
make-up exam by calling (502) 942-1795.
may take an examination early, including the final examination, and it will not be counted as a makeup exam, if I make arrangements with the instructor at least 8 days prior to the scheduled exam date.
Since my classes are on Tuesdays, this means I must make such arrangements no later than the
Monday of the week before the scheduled exam.
f for any reason I cannot complete a make-up examination according to the provisions, above, I must
contact the instructor for preferential guidance at least one day (a Monday) before the make-up
deadline, or I will receive an exam score of zero as stated above. (This “preferential treatment” is
highly unlikely and is available for extreme circumstances at the discretion of the instructor. Preferential
treatment is not available solely because a student cannot be excused from work.)
Your instructor is Mr. Michael A. Johnson. He can be reached at: (270) 737-3117, (270) 723-0200, or
If your instructor is a substitute for any class night, see the syllabus for his contact information.