How to View Web Timetables School/Division to View

How to View Web Timetables
Select your School/Division to View by scrolling down and selecting your department
Select Activity Type –
The options available are: Lectures Only
Select Week(s) or
Semester you are able
to select the following
Select Timetable type,
you have the following
three options:-
Grid Timetable
List, separate days
List, days together,
all year (this option
is best used, if you
are looking to
download into
Microsoft Excel)
Select Start and End
Time - Under the Grid
timetable and List separate
days timetable you are
able to select the following
08:00-24:00 (All Day)
08-00-12:00 (Morning)
17:00-24:00 (Evening)
All year (Wks 1-52)
Autumn Semester
Spring Semester
This Week
You can also select
separate weeks
Select Day(s) - Under
the Grid timetable and
List separate days
timetable you are able to
select the following
All weekdays (MonFri)
All week (Mon-Sun)
All weekend(SatSun)
You can also select
separate days
Once you have selected your options, click on View Timetable
For Room, Programmes and Module timetables, the options available are the
same EXCEPT for ‘Select Activity Type’ which does not appear in the list.
Module Timetables
With the module timetable select the department – in this case International
Communications is selected. You are able to select more than one module by
holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key. I have also selected Autumn Semester, All
weekdays, Mon-Fri and from 9am-6pm (09:00-18:00)
When I click on ‘view timetable, these are the results:-
This is the module code and the
module description
Description of the
module and activity
This is the activity name consisting
of the module code,
activity type (e.g. L, S, P etc) and
the number per week i.e L1/01,
L1/02 etc.
This is the activity type e.g. S =
Seminar, L = Lecture etc
The name of the location.
The first part is the
building/ and the second
part is the room name/
These are the teaching
weeks the activity will be
taught. For example 213 = Autumn Semester
To view the list timetable go back to the main menu and select timetable type to ‘list
separate days’. These are the results:-
Room Timetables
You are able to select multiple locations (using the ‘Ctrl’ key) or just choose one location.
If you wish to select a particular room from a building, you can click on the arrow, and
the buildings will come up:-
I have chosen Student Service Building-Seminar Room 207 – Level 2 (18), timetable
type as ‘Grid’ and select week(s) or semester as ‘Autumn Semester’, select day(s) as
‘All Weekdays (Mon-Fri)’ and the select ‘start and end time’ as 09:00-18:00. These are
the results
Programme Timetables
Select the relevant department by clicking on the arrow, in this case I have
chosen ‘Nottingham University Business School China’. Then you chose the
specific course or course(s). You can change the other options as necessary and
then click on view timetable:-
The following is the result for grid timetable:-
The following result is a list timetable (when you have changed the timetable
type on the main menu to list separate days):-