"International Cultural immersion Service learning in Kenya" (EDEL 4975/EDCI 5480)

2016 Kenya International Service Leaning
EDEL 4975/ EDCI 5480: International Cultural immersion & Service learning in Kenya
Travel to Kenya
June 1-12, 2016
Optional Mara Extension to June 15
Instructor: Lydiah Nganga, Ph.D., Elementary and Early Childhood Education
University of Wyoming at Casper, (307) 268-3042, [email protected]
Program description:
The goal of the 2016 Kenya Service Learning Study Abroad course is to allow participants to
learn by doing. Thus, in addition to using primary resources to explore Kenya’s history; geography;
cultures; languages (Kiswahili); economy; education; archeology; ecology; paleontology and zoology;
geopolitical, ethnic, and gender issues; and the HIV/AIDS epidemic, learners will participate in field
experiences at Ruiru’s Joy Children’s Home and school (JCEPD) for orphans. Founded in 2004 by a
teacher, the children’s program now serves 24 orphaned or abandoned children and is a school to
more than 200 children who come from poor families in the surrounding area. The main goal for the
school is that of “ensuring that the children enjoy a dignified childhood and grow into productive,
confident citizens.” Participants will interact with the students and teachers and provide community
service at the school through gardening and renovation work.
Participants will also take part in an environmental reclamation service learning project at
Karura Forest area. The reclamation program was founded by Dr. Wangari Mathai, a world
renowned environmental education activist. Participants will also visit Hillside-Karati Elementary
School in central Kenya, where the 2015 University of Wyoming at Casper group constructed a
classroom and administration block. Click the link below to see the Karati school service project:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXqChK4C-6I&feature=youtu.be .
Because this course is a follow up of other successful service learning projects in Kenya, learners will
visit UW-Casper’s past projects at Mburu Gichua Elementary School in Nakuru (2011) and the
Hillside Water Project (2013). Finally, participants will visit the following National Parks: Mt. Kenya,
Sweat Water, and Lake Nakuru.
Cost per person: $2,835 (Includes in-country travel, National Park admission fees, accommodations,
and meals; Does not include airfare, tuition and fees, Maasai Mara option, or pocket money)