2016 Shoshone NF Fen Wetland Field Botanist

The Wyoming Natural Diversity Database at the University of Wyoming is looking for a field botanist
with experience working in wetlands. The field botanist will work on a two-person crew with a soil
scientist collecting data about soils, hydrology, and vegetation in mountain wetlands from early June
through mid-August. This job is based out of Laramie, Wyoming, and the field work will be done in the
Shoshone National Forest of northwestern Wyoming.
DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Each day, the crew members will navigate to pre-selected sampling points. At
each point, they will delineate the wetland boundary and collect information about the botanical,
vegetation, soil, and hydrological features present. The field botanist will be responsible for identifying
the plant species present and estimating their abundance, noting whether or not Sphagnum spp. mosses
are present, and searching for rare plant species. He or she will also assist with other tasks.
EMPLOYMENT PERIOD: Starts June 6th and ends around August 19th
WORK SCHEDULE: The crew will work 1 period of 5 days in the Laramie area, for training and
orientation. They will then work a schedule of 8 days on (including travel between Laramie and the study
area), 4 days off. Work days will typically be 10 hours long. A vehicle will be provided for work. The
crew members should be prepared to car-camp during some or all of the 8-day work periods.
REQUIREMENTS: (1) Demonstrable proficiency in identifying Rocky Mountain wetland plants.
(2) Ability to quickly learn to recognize unfamiliar plants. (3) Ability to collect good-quality plant
specimens and the information needed for labels. (4) Careful attention to detail in making measurements,
recording information, and keeping track of data forms & equipment. (5) Willingness to work long days,
sometimes in inclement weather and often with mosquitoes. (6) Willingness to walk up to 5 miles,
carrying 15-20 pounds. (7) Willingness to work in occupied grizzly bear habitat (we will train crew
members in bear safety). (8) Valid driver’s license.
DESIRED SKILLS: (1) Acquaintance with techniques of wetland delineation. (2) Experience in measuring
flow rates in streams. (3) Experience in measuring water pH and conductivity. (4) Ability to navigate
using topographic maps, compass, & GPS receiver. (5) Ability to identify amphibians and/or wetland
invertebrates. (6) Experience driving 4-wheel drive vehicles on rough roads.
PAY: Gross pay will be $13.50 to $14.50 per regular hour, depending on experience, with time-and-a-half
overtime for hours exceeding 40/week. Social security and workers compensation payments will be
deducted from gross pay. We will provide housing in Laramie between work trips or pay per diem for
days camping.
To apply, submit a cover letter, resume showing qualifications, and contact information for 3
references to George Jones at [email protected] For more information call 307-766-3009.
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.