2016 Application for Funding

Social Justice Research Center (SJRC)
Application for Supplemental Funding for Research Support
Due: January 29, 2016
Submit completed proposals to the SJRC via email [email protected]
Proposals must be a Microsoft Word document.
Make sure that your proposal follows stated guidelines.
About the SJRC
Social justice is defined as the advancement of a just society by challenging injustice
and valuing diversity so that all people have a right to unbiased treatment and a fair
allowance of community resources. A just society exists when individuals’ well being
is not constricted based on gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliations, age, race,
belief, disability, location, socioeconomic circumstances, veteran status, or group
The center is funded through the UW Social Justice endowment to focus on social justice
related scholarship. The opportunity to participate in the SRJC is open to any and all
faculty, staff and students across the University of Wyoming. Its strength lies in the
degree to which it is able to capitalize on an interdisciplinary pool of scholars. To learn
more about the SJRC visit our website www.uwyo.edu/sjrc
The Social Justice Research Center’s primary mission is to support research with a social
justice focus. The center offers scholarly/professional support funding to scholars who are
pursuing professional experiences relevant to practicing or disseminating research with a
social justice aim. The SJRC’s working definition of social justice can be found at:
Funding can be used for research support (such as books or data analysis software), datacollection support (such as funding for field work to collect data), or conference support
(for dissemination of findings). In 2015/16 the center has approximately $20,000 for
proposal awards. We encourage multi-author proposals. An example of this would be
graduate students working with their advisors. We believe that multi-author proposals are
beneficial to the field and study of social justice by helping make resources readily available
and encouraging an environment of learning. Funded projects have received $1,000$4,000.
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SJRC Proposal Guidelines
State a central research question.
Describe the problem under study.
Write detailed description of research methods.
Outline the intentions for public dissemination (i.e. specific conference
presentations, book chapters, journal articles, public performances, etc.).
 Include a connection to social justice research.
Requirements for Funding:
Those selected for funding will be asked to participate as scholars of the SJRC for that
year. As a SJRC Scholar you will meet with the Center’s Director at least four times during
the year, (1) Spring 2016 SJRC Scholars Meeting, (2) Fall of 2016 with Dr. Kate
Welsh, (3) February 2017, and (4) Shepard Symposium on Social Justice. You are
also required to attend SJRC events, and help build a community of scholars who are
committed to pursuing social justice via scholarly activities.
We cannot stress enough the importance of documenting your work. The SJRC puts
together an annual report where all of our research grants recipients are highlighted.
Failure to document your research will jeopardize future requests for funding from the
SJRC. Please note that 10% of your awarded funds will be reserved in the SJRC until all
requirements are completed. In addition, scholars must meet the following requirements:
Funding requirements:
 Post information about your SJRC funded project in the Social Justice section of the
WySR (Wyoming Scholar Repository). At minimum this would include the project’s
title and abstract. Please consider depositing all related scholarship such as data
sets, posters, abstracts, published papers, book chapters, and conference
o As you publish your findings you will work with SJRC Advisory Board
Member, David Macaulay ([email protected]) about your rights
management and publication agreements.
You also must present your project or works in progress at the Shepard
Symposium on Social Justice April 8nd- 11th, 2016 or 2017. If those dates do not
work for you, inform the SJRC Director, and you will need to present at another
Within 60 days after funds have been used, recipients who receive funding are
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asked to submit a one-page description of their project and specifically detail how
the funds from the SJRC were used in support of this project.
We ask that you include the SJRC as a supporter in any work that is made public (verbally
in public presentations or in written form for written works).
SJRC Grant Process Checklist
To be considered for funding, complete this application form. Undergraduate or
Graduate Students must include a letter of support from their advisor.
(Note that submitting this application is not a guarantee of support.)
 Applicants must be a member of the SJRC and the UW community
 Completed application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
 Proposals must be a Microsoft Word document. (PLEASE make sure your
proposal reads well.)
 Project summary (formatted for your discipline), including
o Title of the proposed research
o Purpose
o Project Abstract
 Proposed budget outline
 If you are a student submitting a proposal you will need a letter from a faulty/staff
member providing support for your project. This letter should provide the review
committee with information that your faculty/staff understands and supports your
project/proposal. It may be sent with your proposal or separately by faculty/staff.
 Letter attached
 Letter sent by ________________________________________
All applicants must become members of the SJRC to be considered for funding.
UW Email____________________________
Contact Phone________________________
Additional Status (circle one)
Undergraduate Student
Graduate Student
Students need to submit a letter of support from their advisor.
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Project Title
Additional Researchers:
UW Email____________________________ Contact Phone________________________
Have you received funding from the SJRC in the past?
If yes, please list date(s), amount(s), and outcome(s) of the award(s).
Project Title________________________________________________________________
Description of Scholarly/Professional Activity:
Abstract: Include research question, problem under study, & research methods.
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Connection to Social Justice Research (Make sure to review the SJRC’s
definition of Social Justice and explicitly tie your proposed work to this
How does the scholarly activity explicitly relate to social justice?
How does this research advance discovery and understanding of social justice?
What may be the benefits of the proposed activity to the study of social justice?
Plans for Sharing Work
What do you have in place to make your research successful?
Please provide a realistic timeline for your research project. Include: start date,
approximate end date, and presentation at the SSSJ.
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If research involves human subjects, where is your project in the IRB process?
 Approved
 Under review
 Needs to be submitted
Summary of proposal consent procedures (3-5 sentences)
For Students Only: Is this proposed work related to coursework, and/or
thesis or dissertation work? If yes, please explain. (Make sure to include
course number and title)
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Proposed Budget
Budget Description: 1-2 Sentence description of how money will be used. While
additional funding is not required, it enhances the application. Please be specific about how the
SJRC funds will be used.
(List all expenses; place an asterisk* next to those expenses you hope SJRC to fund)
SJRC Funds if awarded will be used to cover the listed expenses/costs
SJRC Funding Needed
Table overall project costs and funding:
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Approx. Cost