PECAN Steering Committee Meeting Notes – Jan. 13, 2012

PECAN Steering Committee Meeting Notes – Jan. 13, 2012
Attending: Barbara Nichols, Darrell Ward, Karen Lippsmeyer, Jim Clawson, Derek Godwin,
Pamela Rose, Judy Peters
Administrative updates
Derek reviewed the responsibilities and how they are divided between, himself, Pamela, and
Derek Godwin will be responsible for the Overall Leadership and Direction, Faculty
Supervision, and Budget for Polk County Extension as well as other county offices in his
Administrative Region. In addition he will retain relationship with the office staff, office
facilities and Polk County Commissioners.
Pamela Rose will be responsible for local stakeholder contact, overall OSU Outreach
and Communications, and PECAN.
Judy Peters now has a 20% assignment for outreach support
Communications and Outreach
Judy distributed an outline of potential activities which emphasized the expanded use of the
website, development of an e-newsletter, continued use of Facebook, and included ideas of
other possible approaches. There was discussion of how PECAN will fit into these activities. It
seems appropriate to revive a communications/outreach team (workgroup, task force, etc.) soon
to work with Pamela and Judy to further explore an effective workable approach.
Derek is still pushing for more space to accommodate assigned faculty like Amy Garrett and
possibly a Forestry faculty. Realistically, it appears the office will be staying at the Academy
Building for at least the near future. Extension needs to be clear on what type of a facility will
be needed for future program efforts. In its advocacy role PECAN, can assist in defining needs
and supporting recommendations to the Extension District. There is a Building Committee
scheduled for Jan. 25th at 10:30 am at the Courthouse to address the situation of only Extension
and the Fair participating in a new building on the fairgrounds. Barbara, Darrell and Jim plan to
Derek talked about potential changes in the Forestry program staffing. There is the possibility of
Brad-Winthrow-Robinson being relocated in Benton County and another faculty being assigned
to Polk-Marion-Yamhill counties. The Polk office would be a more central location for this
position, but would require additional space. Amy Garrett held a successful scoping session for
identifying issues, interests, and needs of those interested in growing and direct marketing of
produce and animals.
Fair MOU
The draft MOU between Extension and the Polk County Fair is in the hands of the Polk County
Council and OSU legal staff for their review. It is expected the final MOU will be ready to sign in
the next few weeks.
Strategic Plan
The process for drafting the strategic plan are underway. The schedule calls for draft materials
from the program areas to be given Derek by Feb. 1st, and a first draft be ready for review at
the Feb. 28 PECAN meeting.
Extension District
Derek will propose Wed. Feb. 15th as the next quarterly meeting of the District. PECAN will
work up a report to be included. We also supported a name change for the District as the initial
title is long and cumbersome to use. The title suggested is “Polk Extension Service District.”
Greg Hansen is working with the County Council to see how this might be done.
Next PECAN Meeting
It was suggested we consider a report on the 4-H/Youth Survey or OSU off campus programs –
“Oregon Open Campus” as our information portion. The Strategic Plan, Extension updates, and
possibly communications/outreach efforts will occupy our business time.
Future Meetings:
Jan. 25th
Building Committee, 10:30 am at the Courthouse
Feb. 10th
PECAN Steering Committee, Academy 108
Feb. 15th
Extension District Quarterly Meeting, 10 am at the courthouse (proposed)
Feb. 28th
PECAN 5:30 pm at the West Valley Housing Authority