What Internationalization Means for the University of Wyoming

What Internationalization Means for the University of Wyoming
January 2012
UW ACE Internationalization Lab Team
The American Council on Education defines internationalization as “the process
of integrating an international [and] intercultural dimension into the teaching,
research, and service functions of the institution.” How the University of Wyoming
utilizes this definition is shaped by its context, history, and mission.
UW’s setting in the rural Rocky Mountain West creates certain challenges for
internationalization. Its relative isolation makes it all the more important that the
UW community be exposed to the complexities of an interdependent, global
society and to comprehend and value diversity. UW’s commitment to
internationalization is clearly stated in University Plan 3: “UW will cultivate an
environment that attracts international scholars and students, we will enhance
our students’ international awareness through the curriculum, and we will expand
opportunities for UW students to study abroad.”1 This commitment demonstrates
our recognition of the importance of providing international perspectives to our
students, positioning them for competitive success in the 21st century workforce,
and providing value to our partners throughout Wyoming.
As Wyoming’s sole research university, we embrace the opportunity to extend
internationalization not just on the Laramie campus, but through UW’s statewide
presence, and in partnership with our community college and K-12 colleagues.
University Plan 3, page 12-13.