February 26, 2016 Dear Parent/Guardian,

February 26, 2016
Dear Parent/Guardian,
The seventh grade English assessment is scheduled to be administered on April 5th,
2016 through April 7th, 2016. To help your child prepare for the assessment, I will be
offering review sessions for your child. I have two sessions a week scheduled and I ask that
you choose a day for your child to attend each week.
Students will be provided with review materials at each scheduled session. They are
required to bring a pen or a pencil to write with at the session. The sessions will run from
3pm to 4pm.
Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact
me at [email protected] or 516-488-9223.
Bridget Giammarino
English Teacher
Student’s Name
Tuesdays 3-4
March 1st
March 8th
March 15th
March 22nd
March 29th
Wednesdays 3-4
March 2nd
March 9th
March 23rd
March 30th
I understand that my child is encouraged to attend the selected review session day each
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