Novels Project

Welcome to the Senior Contemporary Novels course!
Novels Project
Your first mission (and you have to accept it) is to complete a project on the novel of your choice. That means,
you can read any work of fiction that you like. Here's your chance to defy convention, go out on a limb... you
get the idea.
So, here's what you need to do:
1. First, find a novel you'd like to read and then read it. (Check out Oprah's book club, The New York Times
bestseller list, and recommendations from friends if you're stuck).
2. Next, create an original book jacket for your novel. You can illustrate it yourself, you can create a collage
from magazine photos, or you can use computer-generated graphics in an original way.
 On the inside left page of the book jacket, type a summary of the novel.
 On the inside right page of the book jacket, include a photo (or drawing) of yourself and a brief
paragraph "about the illustrator". Please make it interesting and, if you can, make it humorous.
3. The final steps of the project include the incorporation of literary elements:
 A description of the setting
 A list of characters and a brief description of their function in the novel
 An example or two of the major conflicts faced by the main character(s)
 An explanation of two themes in the novel
 An explanation of 2-3 symbols in the novel
 A list of 3 debate questions for the class. (Example: Is Hamlet really crazy, or is his behavior just an
4. Locate a book review of your novel (from a newspaper or magazine, not a blog or a message board, or an review) and
 Read and attach it to you project
 Summarize it, briefly [2-4 sentences]
 Explain whether or not you agree with the reviewer’s points.
You will be graded on two areas for this assignment: content and presentation.
Your content grade will count as a TEST. This means the grade you receive will count TWO
times. Make sure you complete all parts of the assignment. Also, make sure your project is neat and
colorful, because you will receive "pretty points".
Your presentation grade will function as a PROJECT grade. You will be graded on eye
contact, voice volume/quality, body language, pacing, and the visual.
Extra Credit: choose a song that represents your novel's theme, character, or time period. Play it in the
background of your presentation.
Please make sure all pictures and language are appropriate for a school setting.
Good Luck and have fun completing the project, which will not self-destruct in five minutes.