Rubric used by Assessment Coordinators to evaluate department/program report

2016 Assessment Report Feedback Form –Tier 2 Programs
University Assessment Coordinators Committee
Criteria Met
(Met/Partially Met/Not Met/Unclear)
What program or department-level student
learning outcome(s) did you assess this year?
 The department/program is clearly assessing at
least one of the department/program learning
Describe your program or department’s
assessment activities, tasks, or projects that took
place this year to address the student learning
outcomes. Provide sufficient detail so that people
outside your department can understand your
 Assessment activities, tasks, or project are clearly
 The activities, tasks, or projects assess some aspect
of student learning.
 The linkage between the assessment tasks,
projects, and activities and the student learning
outcomes are clear.
 Adequate detail and background information is
provided for the reader to understand the activities,
tasks, or projects.
Tier 2 Feedback Form – 2015-2016
Specific Comments
Provide relevant data resulting from your
department/program’s assessment of student
learning outcome(s). What are the key findings?
 Data was collected and analyzed prior to the writeup of the activities, tasks, or projects.
 The writer identifies the primary findings as
opposed to simply describing the data.
Interpret the results as they relate to your
department/program’s strengths and challenges.
What changes to the process, program, or
curriculum are contemplated in the future, are
planned, or have been made as a result of these
data? If you are not making changes at this time,
please explain.
 Connections between assessment results and
department/program strengths and challenges are
 The department/program is using the results of the
assessment project in a productive way.
 The linkage between changes and improvements
and the assessment project is clear.
 If no changes have been made, a clear explanation
has been given.
What are the plans for your department/ program
to improve from Tier 2 to Tier 1 status? What
actions or steps will your department/program take
next year?
 The department/program has learning outcomes
identified and can report them.
Tier 2 Feedback Form – 2015-2016
There is a concrete plan in place to move
assessment forward.
The plan and a vision are clearly articulated.
The changes that will be made are clearly
The reasons for these changes are clearly
Tier Status
The program should maintain its Tier 2 status.
The program’s tier status should change (please
Tier 2 Feedback Form – 2015-2016
Recommended Tier Status at End of 2015-2016