Grade Expectation Sheet 2015 – 2016 Subject:

Grade Expectation Sheet
2015 – 2016
Subject: English 11
Student Name: _______________________________
Teacher: Mrs.Bishop
Classroom Rules:
o Respect is # 1.
o Your grades reflect the effort you put into your work.
o If you are absent, you are responsible for making up missed work.
o Cell Phones are to be turned off and invisible during class. You may turn your cell phone
in at the beginning of class for 1 extra credit point.
o No food of any kind unless you have a lunch conflict and speak to me about it.
o You must have your binder, paper, and a pen every single day or you earn minuses.
o Homework is assigned 4-5 days per week.
o On time means in your seat by the time the bell rings.
o Every day—Copy the date and the Aim. Answer the Do Now. Do Nows will be
randomly collected and graded as a quiz.
o Homework goes into the Homework Folder in the first 5 minutes of class.
o Late homework will not be accepted (unless you are absent).
o Extra help will be offered throughout the school year. All students should attend extra
help in preparation for the Regents!! Students may also schedule individual extra help by
appointment in the morning or after school.
o We will be reading 4 works of literature, studying poetry, and working on essay writing.
o The Scarlet Letter, The Crucible, In Cold Blood, and Macbeth
Grading Policy:
o Homework: 25%
o Homework is posted on Twitter nightly—Follow @MrsBishopENG for updates
and reminders.
o Class work 25%
o Tests/Quizzes 50%
The department phone number is: 516 488-9632
Email: [email protected]
Grade Expectation Sheet
2014 – 2015
Subject: English 11
Student Name: _______________________________
Teacher: Mrs.Bishop
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