Welcome to Psychology

Welcome to Psychology
Mr. Doupe’
• Please answer the following questions:
1. What is it about psychology that interest you?
2. What do you hope to get out of this class?
3. What personal attributes do you bring to a
Who Are You?
• What is your favorite fruit?
• Pick one.
Do You agree?
Apple-You are tough, hard-working and responsible. When you are assigned to do
something, you will do your best no matter how difficult the job at hand might be.
Strawberry- You love a good life. You live extravagantly and like everything around
you to be beautifully crafted. You are optimistic, have an excellent sense of humor
and enjoy having your friends around you.
Grape- You are vigorous yet gentle. You appear to be mysterious to those who don't
know you very well because you don't often reveal your feelings. You like to socialize
and are popular among your peers.
Watermelon- Never one to waste a spare minute, you are a dynamic and active
person. You are optimistic and never worry about problems because you're sure a
solution will arise when you need it to.
Pear-You think positively about the people around you and are never
prejudiced. This means others see you as a kind and gentle person. They
enjoy listening to what you have to say because they respect you.
The Truth about the Personality
• No personality test can claim
infallibility. Your personality type is not
how you score on a test. Even if the test
gets it right, which it may, it is up to you to
confirm whether it is right. Any personality
test is nothing but a diagnostic tool, and it
is up you to use it responsibly. No
personality test is a substitute for looking
into yourself and finding out who you are.
Jung-Briggs Meyers personality
Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs
Myers’ typology
Exit Card
• On the index card—No Name
• Write down four different facts about your
• Might include: Something that happened to you
personal history information
details about your family
descriptions of your personality
Observe an interaction between two
people, preferably with little
Observe for about 5 minutes.
1.Explain what you observed taking
2.What does your intuition tell you is