Math 8 Lesson Plan 64 Volume of cylinders class outline for students.doc

Sewanhaka High School
Math 8
Mrs. Lidowsky, Principal
Mr. Long, Teacher
H.W. #64: Ditto
DO-NOW #64: Answer the following questions.
Find the area of
2) Find the circumference of #1
3) Solve for x and check: 4x – 9 = 7
Topic: Geometry
Main Idea: Finding the volume of cylinders
) likes to read lots of comic books; Spiderman,
Batman, Superman, etc. But (
) mommy doesn’t
like him to head all those comics because it affects his
academics. So, in order to keep his comics, (
hides them in a rectangular shoe box. The box is 10 cm
high, 11 cm wide and 30 cm long.
4) -5 x 8 =
What 3 dimensional shape is
the box?
In order to fill, with comics,
the inside of the box
completely without leaving
any airspace, what does
) need to know?
Volume is the number of cubic units needed to fill an empty space.
Volume is measured in cubic units.
the volume of the box.
Compare the cylinder to the prism.
Are there any similarities? Are
there any differences? What
shapes made up the prism? What
shapes make up the cylinder?
If we know how to find the volume of a rectangular
prism, then how do we find the volume of a cylinder with
a 5 cm radius and 10 cm height? Round your answer to
the nearest tenth.
Find the volume of a cylinder with a 7 cm radius and 30
cm height.
Drill: Answer the following questions. Show work.
If Time: