An open research university: Engaging Research Award Scheme: Application Form

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Engaging Research Award Scheme: Application Form
Position of the main applicant, e.g.
Principal Investigator, Research Associate,
Postgraduate Research Student
Title of entry
Are you applying as an individual or a
If you are applying as a team, please list
the names and organisations of the other
people involved. (optional)
When did your project start? (Please also
list the completion date, if appropriate.)
Please provide details of your engaged research activity and demonstrate the underpinning research excellence. Your
summary should also describe:
1) The main contributors to the activity (documenting the contributions of non-academic stakeholders).
2) The aims and objectives of the engaged research.
3) The processes by which the engagement took place.
4) Evidence of quality assurance measures and/or critical reflection through evaluation of the activities.
5) Any evidence you have to demonstrate innovation and/or quality in engaged research, e.g. in terms of effects, changes
or benefits to those who participated.
(Free text; up to 750 words)
Supporting materials: please list any outputs from the engaged research (e.g. research papers, pamphlets, testimonials,
and/or other media). (Free text; up to four examples, including links.)
Please attach a photograph or image that represents the engaged research you describe above. The submitted image
should be cleared for re-use in Open University publicity associated with these awards.
Your signature confirms the
information you have entered is
original, true, and accurate.
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Approval by Associate Dean, Research
(or equivalent), or PGR supervisor
(delete as appropriate)
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Submitting your application: Your application must be submitted by 18h December 2014 at 5pm. Please submit your application
electronically via email to: [email protected]