SC1 A6: How to get help with communication

Unit SC1
Promote communication in children’s and young people’s settings
SC1 A6: How to get help with
AC: 3.5
presenting and
Use the diagram below to describe the different services or sources of support you
could approach to help someone communicate effectively. Write the resources
available to you in the spaces in each circle. Make these descriptions specific to your
setting, so that you can use it for future reference.
Some examples have been completed for you. Consider the following:
Speech and language therapy
Special needs assistance
Local and national charities
Books and DVDs
GP and local NHS services
Translation services and help
with sign language.
Functional Skills
Perhaps once you have completed the diagram above you could use either
Word® or Publisher® on the computer and transfer the information into a poster
that could be displayed in your workplace. You could apply a range of formatting
techniques to your poster including word art, text and graphics.
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