B 2 Writing to argue Section

Section B: Writing
2 Writing to argue
Student Book Page 86
Study the letter ‘Have Your Say’ on page 85. Match the features of
the writing listed in the first column below to examples taken from the
letter. The first two are done for you.
Features of writing
Examples from the letter
Makes clear opening statements.
‘It’s time we got rid of school
uniform. No one I know likes
wearing it.’
Tries to make the reader think this is
a good idea.
‘Pupils would be much happier if
they could wear their own clothes
to school.’
Moves on to a new point.
Writes in the present tense.
States opinion as fact.
Uses ‘we’ to get the reader on her
Uses rhetorical questions to make
the reader think.
Gives evidence from own experience
to support argument.
Uses an exclamation to emphasise a