Hello all,

Hello all,
In response to growing concerns about the recession in Oregon, EESC and FCD have
developed an Emergency Communications website to help people find the help they need
during these tough times. Please consider posting this important link on your websites.
Attached is a button for your webmasters to use.
EESC will issue a press release on Tuesday (Jan 13) that announces the new website.
Along with the release, reporters will receive an Experts List of OSU and Extension
faculty working in areas of nutrition education, housing, and policy.
MAIN MESSAGE: This website is for people who never thought they would need to ask
for help -- people who may have recently lost a job, a home, or may be having a hard
time making ends meet. Locating such basic resources as food, shelter, employment, or
health care can mean stumbling through a maze of agencies before making the right
connections. People looking for help may not know where to begin.
OSU Extension has compiled a list of state resources, community services, and
information to help people find the help they need in these Tough Times. The list is not -cannot be -- absolutely complete. It is meant to help people get started. We will continue
to add links and information as it is developed.
The website might prompt local people to call your county office of OSU Extension for
more information. I suggest that your front office staff be prepared to share any local
information they have, such as telephone numbers for local United Way, Community
Action Teams, Employment Offices, etc. We’ve provided a template for collecting that
information in your area. It is also an opportunity to let your community know about
relevant Extension programs in your office.
The point of this website -- and the statewide effort to announce it -- is to connect people
with the help they need. We are NOT inviting the public to come to Extension Offices for
a job, a home, or a meal. We ARE providing contacts to help people get started
navigating the sea of social services and find information that can help them weather this