IIE Student Chapters – Video Contest (sponsored by the IIE-IAB)

IIE Student Chapters – Video Contest
(sponsored by the IIE-IAB)
To promote the Industrial Engineering profession to high school students
& teachers
Streaming video, in a U-Tube type format for online web usage
10 minutes maximum; 3 minutes minimum
Create a video presentation which would excite high school students to
select IE as a profession. Utilize the IIE provided presentation (attached)
as a guide to highlight key topic elements as needed.
January 14, 2008
$1,000 for winning video provided by the Institute of Industrial Engineers,
Industry Advisory Board (IIE-IAB) - a group of senior Industrial
Engineers from over thirty companies throughout the United States.
Conditions: All submitting entries will be judged by a panel of the IIE-IAB with the
winner notified by February 15, 2008. All rights for the winning entry
will be owned by IIE.
Submittal Address:
Name of Person to send them to
and their e-mail address
Note: Send the web site address to view your online video,
or submit it as a DVD postal mailed to IIE Headquarters.
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