Sample Lesson Plan

1 Exploring socialisation, culture and identity
OCR Sociology AS
Lesson Plan 1.3 Role of socialisation in the
creation of identities
Links to Student Book: Unit 1, Section 3, pages 28–72
Lesson time: 45 minutes.
Learning objectives for the lesson
Objective 1
Students examine the effects of gender, class, ethnic and age identities.
5 minutes
Recap: Recap the concepts of culture, norms and values and how these influence
attitudes and behaviour.
You may find it useful to have definitions of the concepts from previous lessons
displayed on the wall.
25 minutes
Card activity: Photocopy and laminate Worksheet 1.3a one and a half as many times
as there are students in your group. Cut up the cards and place all the gender
identities in one bag, class cards in another, and so on.
Invite each student to take one card from each, or hand them out at random.
Ask the students to write a description of the person who has the characteristics they
have picked in as much detail as their imaginations will allow. In writing their
descriptions, encourage the students to identify the norms and values of the
individuals as clearly as possible.
Handing the cards out can solve attention problems but letting the students choose
can encourage them to think carefully about the identity they are creating.
15 minutes
Pair work: In pairs, ask the students to describe their ‘character’ to each other.
Ask individuals to then describe their character to the whole group.
Students could to think about their character’s attitudes to education, music, social
class and religion.
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