Welcome to Edexcel GCSE Business Unit 1 Exam
This CD-ROM has been written to fully support
preparing your students for the Unit 1:
Introduction to Small Business examination. The
content is also appropriate for Unit 6 – the
Edexcel GCSE Business short course.
Using the CD-ROM
Everything on this CD-ROM is editable so you
have complete flexibility with the resources.
Furthermore, it can be put on a school
network, and is VLE compatible.
The content on the CD-ROM
Exam skills support
A PowerPoint tutorial with audio voice-over
provides exam skills support for each Unit 1
topic. A guided walkthrough of example exam
questions explains how to approach multiplechoice questions and the skills behind getting
to the correct answer.
Exam-style tests
There are two tests that provide exam-style
practice for Unit 1 content: Practice
examination 1 and 2. These are available as
interactive tests or as paper versions with
accompanying mark schemes.
Revision PowerPoint slides
PowerPoint revision notes for each Unit 1 topic
cover all of the key concepts and ideas so
that your students are fully prepared.
Practice tests
End-of-topic interactive practice tests enable
your students to test their knowledge and
understanding of the Unit 1 content. The tests
allow students three attempts and questions
are shuffled randomly every time the test
The practice tests are ideal for use as end-oftopic checks and can be used in class or set
as homework via your VLE.
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Edexcel GCSE Business Studies Unit 1 Exam Preparation