Demonstrator - Guidance 2014-15 v1.0

Demonstrator – Guidance for Casual Engagement
Version 1.0
Last amended: 12/08/2015
Faculty of Arts
Demonstrator – Guidance for Casual Engagement
1. Demonstrators
Demonstrators in Schools/Departments in the Faculty of Arts 1 are responsible for
providing assistance in laboratory, practical and field work classes.
2. Rate of pay
The University has a standard Demonstrator rate of pay. Please find current rates of pay
in the ‘Casual staff – Rates of Pay’ document. These pay rates will reviewed each year.
3. Travel expenses
Travel expenses are paid in exceptional circumstances only, after approval from the PVC
of the Faculty, granted in advance of the casual engagement. Approval process: the
member of staff wishing to pay the travel expenses should email a brief rationale to the
Dean. No action should be taken until a response is received.
4. Engagement
A Demonstrator’s casual engagement will be administered through the University’s HR
unit. You will need to register with HR by completing an online registration form and
visiting Music’s Office to present your eligibility to work in the UK documents (e.g.
passport). To complete your registration HR will contact you to request your bank details
to complete your registration and confirm your registration by issuing a payroll and
casual assignment number.
5. Self employment
Self-employed individuals will be paid on receipt of invoice in line with University practice
and timescales. However, the fact that an individual is registered for self-employment
does not mean the engagement with the University is one of self-employment. Please
speak to the School Office who will submit a non-employment status application form to
HR for secondary assessment and authorisation.
6. Casual assignment
A Demonstrator’s casual assignment consists of assistance work in class on an
established module. If a Demonstrator has been given work on two or more modules,
the work will be presented as separate casual assignments.
7. Claiming payment
School of English, School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies (American and
Canadian Studies; Culture, Film and Media; French; German; Language Centre; Russian
and Slavonic; Spanish and Latin American) and School of Humanities (Archaeology; Art
History; Classics; History; Music; Philosophy; Theology and Religious Studies)
Demonstrator – Guidance for Casual Engagement
Version 1.0
Last amended: 12/08/2015
Claims for payment need to be made each month using a PAY01 form. Payment is made
on the penultimate working day of the month.