Project Plan Template

Project Plan
Project Name: ___________________________
Prepared By: ___________________________
Date Submitted: ______________
Provide a business summary. What is being done today for this process? What is the business flow? What are the
business practices for this project today? What will be the overall impact going forward once implemented? Who will be
primarily impacted? What resources will be needed to support the project and what organizational changes may be
needed to make this happen?
Business Need/Problem
Identify the technology need and or problem that needs to be solved. Describe what parts of the process are automated
or use technology and which parts are still manual and how this is desired to be changed. Who will be responsible for
which pieces? Describe things such as how the information is to flow from starting point to end point. Will it require
changes to the existing business practices and what are those impacts?
Project Objectives and Vision
Provide a brief, concise list of what the project is to accomplish. What would the project look like when completed? What
is expected from the users of the project (both internal staff users as well as the casual user). What will the output of the
project be? What will be the impacts of the project?
Project Description and Specifications
Describe the strategy to deliver the project and what is envisioned in terms of a deliverable. Provide a step by step
description with screen shots if necessary. If your area is collaborating with other areas or individuals, please include any
dependencies. Include additional pages if necessary.
Start Date: ______________
Completion Date: ______________
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it. By signing this document you agree to this as the formal Project Plan.