Present: Jeff Durgee Dave Spooner

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee
Minutes from the November 10, 2004 Meeting
Jeff Durgee
Mike Goldenberg
Amir Hirsa
Sharon Kunkel
Lee Odell
Dick Smith
June Deery
Dave Spooner
Ted Krueger
Sam Wait
Christoph Steinbruchel, chair
Sam Wait
Chris McDermott
John Schroeder
Michael Wozny
1) The minutes from the meeting on October 27, 2004 were approved unanimously.
2) School of Architecture- Ted Krueger presented various changes from the School. The
proposed course changes will accommodate changes in curriculum templates for the MS
in lighting, MS in Architectural Sciences and the undergraduate minor in Lighting. There
was some general discussion of the proposed changes. T. Krueger explained that the MS
in Lighting program is designed for those who will go on for a PhD. Students are required
to do a thesis. The students are supported by research in the Lighting Research Center.
Architectural Sciences with a Lighting Concentration- The School is changing an existing
course to reflect an emphasis on Lighting and Health. This area of study is hot in the
marketplace. The Committee had some questions about the Advanced Projects required
as part of the program. Russ Leslie oversees these projects and works closely with the
students. The FSCC suggested that he attend the next meeting to answer questions about
the programs. A motion to table the courses was approved. J. Schroeder did not think
there was overlap between the proposed Physics of Light courses and any existing
Physics course. The proposed course is very specialized. The Academic Integrity (AI)
statement for that course needs to be revised.
3) School of Humanities and Social Sciences- Lee Odell provided an overview of the changes
proposed by the School. There was a question of why the department is deleting PHIL
6960, 6940, and 6960. These courses (independent study, topics etc) are now offered
under the COGS subject.
ARTS 2320 Percussion Ensemble –The course was approved conditionally. The
FSCC suggested a better AI statement and clarifying the grading type.
COGS 6XXX Cognitive Engineering- The Committee questioned whether the AI statement
was too draconian. The Committee can’t micro manage the statement but we can issue strong
guidelines. Last year the FSCC approved guidelines for AI statements that said every AI
statement should include the following: 1) all incidents will be reported to DOSO 2) infractions
listed or identified 3) sanctions accompanying infractions. This information needs to be
included in Provost’s memo sent at the beginning of each term to the faculty. C. Steinbruchel
will ask the Provost to include the guidelines in that memo. Some felt that the Student
Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee
Minutes from November 10, 2004
handbook statement is sufficient although there was some question about the exact wording in
the Handbook. M. Goldenberg suggested covering this issue at Freshmen Orientation. After
further discussion, the Committee unanimously approved COGS 6XXX- Cognitive Engineering.
A motion to accept the course deletions and changes from H&SS was approved unanimously
with one abstention.
Three new courses were approved with the caveat that the departments clarify the
issues noted.
COMM 2XXX Web and Data Programming
COMM 2XXX Creating Electronic Portfolios
COMM 4XXX- Advanced Typography- The last sentence in the course description should be
deleted. The Committee also suggested deleting the reference to +- grading. There was also a
question about the course credits.
Course Changes:
COGS 6240 Logic and Artificial Intelligence
COGS 6690 Seminar in Research Design
COMM 4800 Media and Memory
COMM 6350 Literacy: Practices of Reading and Writing
COMM 6800 Media and Memory
LANG 1XXX Chinese II
WRIT 6XXX Writing and Editing
Course Deletions:
ARTS 4030 Virtual Environment 3D Web
PHIL 6810 Graduate Seminar I
PHIL 6820 Graduate Seminar II
PHIL 6940 Philosophy Studies
PHIL 6960 Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 6970 Professional Project
PHIL 6990 Master’s Thesis
PSYC 6170 Advanced Human Factors
PSYC 6180 Engineering Psychology
PSYC 6240 Cognitive System Engineering
PSYC 6340 Seminar in Industrial Psychology
PSYC 6350 Seminar In organizational Psychology
PSYC 6370 Seminar in Organizational Conflict
PSYC 6420 Seminar in Organizational Development
PSYC 6540 Visual and Auditory
PSYC 6940 Readings in Psychology
PSYC 6960 Topics in Psychology
PSYC 6970 Professional Project
PSYC 6990 Master’s Thesis