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Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee
Minutes from the February 23, 2005 meeting
Lindsey Bachman
Jeff Durgee
Mike Goldenberg
Prabhat Hajela
Sharon Kunkel
Elizabeth Large for Lee Odell
Dick Smith
Dave Spooner
Christoph Steinbruchel, chair
Sam Wait
1) The Committee agreed to apend the minutes from this meeting to the minutes from the
meeting on February 16th.
2) School of Humanities & Social Science- E. Large presented several new courses for review.
The following courses were approved unanimously with the comments and suggestions
from the Committee noted below:
ARTS 2530 Art History I- The FSCC asked the department to check to see if the course will
be offered in the fall or spring.
ARTS 4040 Rethinking Documentary Video- the Committee suggested revising the
Academic Integrity statement to remove the reference to gender neutral language
ARTS 4630 Writing and Directing for Video
COMM 1XXX- Communication and Information Technology- This course probably won’t
be offered as first year studies
PHIL 4480 Metaphysics and Consciousness
One course was approved with one abstention:
ARTS 6120 Fieldwork as Art
3) School of Science- S. Wait presented the following course changes for information:
CHEM 6640/4640 Polymer Science Laboratory- The 6000 level course needs the statement
that says both courses cannot be taken for credit.
CHEM 6620 Physical Chemistry of Macromolecular Solutions- title change
CSCI 6090 Generic Software Design credit change from 4 to 3
CSCI 2300 Data Structures add a prerequisite