Lab Binder Final (100 points total counts as Exam)
Cover Page (10 Points)
1. Students Name
2. Course Title
3. School Year
4. My name as Instructor
Table of contents (40 Points)
1. All Labs Listed and Typed
2. Date each lab performed
3. Page reference to Indexed Tab
Contents ( 50 points)
1. Printed Labs Procedure and theory sheets
2. All original Returned graded lab sheets
3. Each Lab must have divider tab
Lab Journal (100 Points as Quiz)
Table of contents
1. Each Lab must be listed
2. Minutes total for each lab
3. Year Total at bottom of Table
All Labs are worth 40 minutes except the following if they were performed during the
School Year.
Simple Distillation/ Column Chromatography- 120 minutes
Periodicity Graphing Analysis – 80 Minutes
Aspirin Synthesis and TLC analysis – 120 Minutes
Saponification and soap analysis -80 minutes
Metal Activity in Gel Analysis- 80 minutes
Spectroscopy analysis of Aspirin – 80 Minutes
Freezing point Depression Analysis- 80 minutes
Rate Order of Acidified Thiosulfate- 80 minutes
Solubility of Calcium Hydroxide- 80 Minutes
Equilibrium Constant Determination- 80 Minutes
Titration of unknown organic acid- 80 minutes
K of Bromocresol green- 80 minutes
Voltaic cells- 80 minutes