Incident Reporting Message

Message from Risk Management
All Accidents and Near Misses resulting in “even minor” medical treatment or property damage should be
reported by the person involved. A formal written report stating the causes and consequences of each accident or
near miss shall be completed by the supervisor. Incident reporting when done promptly helps us intervene in due
time and identify how similar accidents can possibly be prevented in the future. All incident reports eventually
reach the concerned departments and safety & risk management, where the circumstances leading to the incident
are scrutinized and appropriate measures are taken to prevent recurrence.
At AUB, incident reporting by completing the “incident report” form is mandatory. The purpose of this form is to
provide a standard procedure to document necessary details such as occupation of the person involved, type,
location, and underlying reason(s) behind the incident. Data collected is kept confidential and analyzed in order to
identify problem areas that need special attention and promote safety. It is the policy of AUB to encourage
reporting of incidents thus it is in no way used to place blame or to take punitive actions against any individual. In
this respect, training sessions are provided for staff members where they can learn about the importance of
incident reporting and how to complete the incident report properly.
Reporting incidents is also important to ensure compliance with AUB & its Medical Center rules, accreditation and
regulatory requirements relating to documenting, investigating, and correcting deficiencies.
Observation of all AUB policies and procedures is necessary for the maintenance of good order and safety.
For information about incident reporting rules and regulations or for additional inquiries or suggestions, please
contact us at:
For Patient Related issues
Ext: 6686
For Non Patient Related issues
Ext: 2360
The Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM) department wishes that your stay at
AUBMC be safe, rewarding and enjoyable. The safety of all AUBMC occupants holds our top priority and all efforts
are channeled in that direction.
Suha Arzouni
Assistant Sanitarian and Biosafety Officer
General Guidelines on Incident Reporting
Instructions on how to complete the Incident Report form
General Guidelines on Incident Reporting
The following procedure applies to incidents related to any patient, faculty, staff, contractor, student or
visitor at AUB/MC:
Complete incident report by citing details about the incident to help the
investigator in identifying the causes and finding solutions. Reporting incidents will help in
identification of risks at AUB/MC and are ultimately aimed at performance improvement.
Describe the incident in clear terms. Provide additional relevant and useful
information on the reverse side of the incident report form or on a separate sheet.
Complete the incident report as soon as possible after attending to the incident
to avoid missing any detail and to ensure that facts are not altered.
Any person can complete the incident report. However, the incident report
should be validated (signed) by the supervisor and co-signed by the department head.
Multi-purpose The incident report form is used to report both patient and non-patient related
Non-punitive AUB/MC follows a non-punitive policy on reporting incidents.
Joint Responsibility
and resident staff.
Incident reporting is a duty to be assumed by all staff including medical
Incidents should be reported in an objective manner without incriminating other
System’s Approach Incident reporting is used to identify and modify systems and processes
rather than finding fault in individual personnel.
How to complete section II “in case of injury to be completed by physician” of the incident
This section shall only be completed in case of bodily injury. The treating physician shall:
 Complete this section (can be delegated to assistants).
 Answer all the questions in this section.
 Mention all body parts affected by the incident in order to facilitate coverage of
medical expenses.
For further details regarding the incident reporting policy, please check the following: